Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Discovery is fun

Hi everyone!

       I think somewhere I have lost my brain.......

    A while ago I was making a tag for TioT 'Create a scene' challenge - I wasn't too happy with it and I left it aside to have a little think about it...While I was brooding about that I decided to make another tag with a canvas style material on it. I cut some material, stuck it to the card with glue and covered in Snowflake Fresco paint....Thinking that I will come back to it when dry, I left it with the other tag and got on with various other things.

          I was working on a few other projects at that time and at some point I made this hanging...

    .......I didn't have any plans to put it on my blog because I really didn't like it very much....it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. So I hung it up and left it....

       A few days later I went to my art cupboard to have another go at the TioT tag that I hadn't liked.....It had VANISHED..!!! and the white painted material tag....VANISHED!!! I hunted for ages through drawers, bags, boxes, even the bin was searched.....

   I asked the kids if they had taken it......"No"....
   I asked husband if he had seen it....."No"
   I got no answer at all from the cat, but I don't think she can open the cupboard doors.....;o)

      So growling away at my stupidity misplacing two potential projects, I sat down to do the beach scene that you will no doubt have seen already...I was happy with it, so all was ok.....but I would like to have finished the countryside scene I was working on....and I didn't have anymore of the material left that I had stuck to the board and painted white.....so I was a tiny bit miserable!


      I was thinking about my projects for this month....most of my DT posts are done and I wanted some other things to post and I looked at the little hanging I had made. I had hung it above my computer and well, it had grown on me a bit. I'll put it on my blog.....now how did I make it? It was a while ago now and it was so strange...I really could not recall any stages of making it.

      It was then I noticed something......and it made the quote all the more important to me - because it is very true......

         before I explain what I noticed I'll try and fill you in on what I think I did while making it.....

  I think the wording was stamped with Coffee Archival ink and it was definitely heat embossed. It looks like Stone Fresco paint was used, probably sponging with Mocha Mousse.

      LOL....I do remember making the flowers...because I really struggled with them - DecoArt Crackle glaze is something I am still getting used to and the first lot did not crackle at all....not willing to waste my die cut flowers I turned them over, painted the other side and applied crackle glaze again - and it worked.

     I don't remember sewing....this lack of memory is scary!

(Is anyone else noticing something here?........)

      I don't remember doing eyelets...........

(material background....?!!!)

                                                   Or choosing buttons........

                                 (Yes, that is a painted material background I see.......)

      It seems that the white painted material background had got picked up and painted in with another coat of paint - Looks like Stone Fresco paint to me.....and I have NO memory of doing that at all! It is very strange because when I started the material tag I wanted to experiment with texture paste on it and I obviously was in a bit of a 'creative trance automatic pilot' here and totally forgot my original plan.........

        Oh well......at least I know where it went...and it made the quote on the hanging even more appropriate - because I am obviously so disorganised that I don't even know when I am using things - but it does make for nice discoveries!

      And the end of this story? Well the TioT countryside scene never was seen again......You never know...perhaps you can spot it lurking under one of my other creations ;o)

           Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon!


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  1. Great story! I love this hanging, the crackle flowers are great,

    Lucy x

  2. So the little gnomes that are taking away things are living at your place too! Well, sometimes they just "borrow" things and put them back (to a totally different and totally senseless spot where I would never have put them), but sometimes they keep 'em. Haven't got rid of them yet, but still am trying to. ;)

    A very true saying and a lovely make, Laura!

    I feel so much better - now that I know that I am not alone!

    Claudia x

  3. You have reassured me that it isn't just me!
    Love your hanging, particularly those gorgeous flowers
    Rosie x

  4. Its a fabulous project and I loved reading about how it resurfaced.
    Little gremlins are holed up somewhere in my craft room as well.

  5. HI Laura, gorgeous project with those lovely crackly flowers. Fab story too, that happens to me too, maybe we have gremlins lurking in our craftrooms lol
    Claire xx

  6. I love your story Laura, I thought it was just oldies like me that had 'senior moments', you are far to young to have them......lol. So glad it not just me where things 'vanish' and then mysteriously re-appear..... Anyway, I love your hanging, love the treatment you have given to the flowers especially. How true are those words too...... Hugs, Anne x

  7. Welcome to my world! I sometimes wonder if I "sleep craft" as I can't remember doing things or putting things where they eventually turn up. At least you've got a lovely hanging there with beautiful stitching and flowers so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Love, Margie x

  8. I love your sign - it is a sentiment created for me - I have so much stuff I forget what I have! I am already confused and your tale of woe only helped to confuse me more. It is not nice to fool old ladies! What matters most I guess, you found some and lost some and somewhere in between you made a wonderful sign to put over your computer!

  9. I love that sign. I think that quote should be my mantra! You are not alone in losing the plot in your craft room - I do it often!! It is a bit like going into a wool shop for purple wool and coming home with lime green! Yep - but I love the green jumper I made though so happy change of plan! Like your sign!
    Hugs - what was my name again?

  10. Love this quote! Gorgeous flowers and that thick stitching is wonderful!

  11. i know I shouldn't laugh Laura but your read just brings myself to mind.

    Yesterday I lost a piece of lace which I cut to the perfect size for a project could I find it when I came to use it ... no!! I took so long searching for the lace (which I never found) that I could have made 3 more projects.

    Your wall hanging is delightful and the sentiment made me smile.

    Crafty hugs from Shirl x x


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