Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Year

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for being here - Today I am joining up with the Catered Crop year in review.

     I thought it would be great to look back at some of my favourites over the year! Gosh it was hard to choose and I was cringing slightly at times - especially back to January and February when I was such 'an ink and stamp' newbie! I was struggling to find my feet and it is very strange to look back - basically because I can vividly remember those early struggles and to be honest it seems much longer than a year ago!


This one was one of my first favourites....I was still trying to master some techniques and was also struggling with having very few craft supplies - hence the faded black ink courtesy of a VERY old ink pad!


I loved this one - a very special creation made even more special because it was my first ever win at Frilly and Funkie. It was the first time I had used Distress Stains and I loved every second of making this. I think it was while making this I discovered a passion for using die cut flowers!



In March the flowers continued and I began to get braver at experimenting with crafts - This was a lovely hanger to make and was another winner too! This is very special to me though because it led me on such a wonderful journey 


I adore this creation! This was one of the first times that I went to town on a creation and worked at it for quite a long time. This was for a challenge called 'Steampunk Fairytales' and I chose the Wizard of Oz...I thought that this story linked to Steampunk very easily and the whole thing was blissful to make...not bad for my first ever Steampunk creation!


 This is very special to me - a photo of my our wedding day! I love projects like this where there are never any issues, any difficult decisions...any lack of inspiration. This one was one of the easiest things to make and a joy to do.


A Guest design project! I loved this - It was such a lovely thing to make. It was one of those creations where I didn't know exactly where I was going with it at first - other than I was inspired by Wedgewood pottery and wanted to do something that resembled that.


One of the first mixed media pieces I did that I actually really liked! I used Serviettes, Paint, ink and texture paste to create this picture and I loved making it. This is one of those items where it turns out just how you wanted it to....


I obviously caught the Steampunk bug because here I was in August enjoying making another Steampunk creation. I loved altering this matchbox and again, this was another creation that just seemed to flow from start to finish


I couldn't leave out my Tim Holtz winner...I adore this tag mainly because it was the first time I realised that even when crafts don't go as you think they should, it doesn't mean you got it wrong. I still struggle a bit with the search for 'perfection' but I am realising that there is no such thing! ;o)


This is another creation where the challenge I made it for just spoke volumes to me. I made it for 'What's your poison' at Frilly and Funkie and when I read it I suddenly thought Snow White and began to consider how to bring that into a horrific Halloween tag...I love those kind of creative journeys!


My first adventure in jewellery making !I adore fiddly tiny work - the fussier the cutting the better and the more tricky the gluing then I am in bliss...!


I think this is my favourite Christmas Creation this year. It was tricky to make, lots of problem solving and frustrating situations but I loved every second of making it. It was the best compliment in the world when my 5 year old took one look and said "Mummy that is AMAZING! Can we have this at every Christmas?"

Thanks so much for being here to see my year - I am so glad you are here....

 photo temp3_zpsf37f8b2d.png
I am entering this into the 'Remembering 2013' at Catered Crop

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  1. Such a beautiful review, Laura,

    and I know quite well how strange it feels looking back at projects you feel have been made ages ago...only to find that is wasn't even a whole year. You are a fast learner and your projects show not only your search for perfection in details but also the heart and soul you put into them! Thanks for sharing!

    Claudia x

  2. What a wonderful trip down memory lane, I have so enjoyed your projects
    Rosie x

  3. What a great year of projects! Even your earliest work looks amazing to me! I agree with Claudia that your projects always have such heart and soul as well as amazing attention to detail. Julie Ann xx

  4. Couldn't pick a favorite really I love them all, but Marches bird id close to my heart, the Aprils Wizard of Oz, was the BOMB, May photo with all that looooove, gorgeoussss, and Junes BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIES, fantastic, they are all winners, I agree with Rosie fabulous trip down memory lane, thanks for sharing them again.. ((( BIG HUGS )))..

  5. You are talented! I loved all of your projects.

  6. Stunning creations...you can be so proud Laura

  7. Fabulous selection I like them all!!

    Moira xx

  8. You are so wildly talented. Everything here is totally amazing. Thanks for the recap! I enjoyed looking at them all and soaking up the beauty!



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