Sunday, 1 November 2015

Topsy Turvy

Hi everyone!

      It is the 1st of the month so that means there is a new challenge at Our Creative Corner!

This one is hosted by our wonderful Lys - it is her first time hosting a challenge and she has come up with an amazing one that will get you thinking!

Topsy Turvy! 

We often try to do the right way, use the suitable thing, organize our creations following definite lines or intentions… 
Sometimes it doesn’t go the way we wanted to. 
Sometimes it goes to the bin, 
Sometimes we discover something new
…...and we love it!

On the right side or Topsy Turvy… Is there a right side in art?

So let’s play!: whatever it is: upside down, inverted, reversed or escaping from the right order…. 
Please show me one “topsy turvy” creation, and how it came to life in your hands!

How to make something Topsy Turvy...? At first I had no idea! 

Then I began to think about all those grungeboard letters (that never get used) and using them as decoration...

     I decided to use them for this project...The letters U,W, M, N and Z - I got several of the letters in different sizes and attached them to a candle holder positioning them all sideways, upside down, the wrong way rather than using the product as I normally would which is to obviously spell out a word, the letters were being used instead for pattern and texture.

On top of the candle holder I used all the } and the dots from exclamation and question marks...

When these were all stuck on with glossy accents glue I then covered it all with Decoart Gesso

I then got to work adding colour...

I used a sponge and added patches of Green Gold, Cerulean Blue,Yellow Green Light and Cobalt Turquoise Hue.

I blended all the colours together, working this point my intention was to make things very pale - despite using bright blues and greens. I intended to knock the colour back by applying crackle glaze then covering it all with White Antiquing cream - I definitely wanted it to be delicate and pastel...

Then my ideas went totally 'Topsy Turvy'....because I looked at the bright colours and really liked them! Suddenly all plans got tipped upside down and I was going in the opposite direction of where I intended to go....out went delicate pastel and in came punchy brights...

I grabbed the Decoart Misters in turquoise and white and spritzed everywhere

I added some dark green paint to a sponge and dabbed along each edge

I then got some green gold acrylic paint and dabbed over the white speckled
mist paint to add more coloured texture.

    And there is my totally Topsy Turvy candle holder....a really fun journey!

     Why not have some fun with your craft stash - use something in a way you never thought of before and you will be amazed at where it will take you!

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So come and share your 'Topsy Turvy' creations with us at Our Creative Corner this month

Hope to see you there!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. I'm a great fan of these candle holders and I just love what you've done with yours. The misters create a wonderfully delicate pop of colours and the topsy turvy letters look so creative. Thanks to you even I managed to get something out for this challenge too! Julia xxxx

  2. A great interpretation of the challenge Laura. I love the wonderful mix of colours and the upside down letters. Just wonderful. Jennie x

  3. Fantastic, Laura! I'm happy to have shown you a different way... and you had a great journey indeed! I can guess I prefer this bright coloured candle holder... the pale and soft one will be for later! Happy you enjoyed the process!


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