Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Window to the Soul

Hello everyone!

     It is a new challenge over at Our Creative Corner. I am the Challenge Host this month and my choice of challenge is 'Halloween'....but not just any Halloween creation....

Forget the cute cats and smiling pumpkins....

we want....

For this Halloween share with us some horror inspired
 creations that are sure to send shivers down our spines.

Bring out your most grotesque stamps and embellishments....
....or perhaps take on the challenge of finding a way to transform 
pretty stamps into something macabre.
Reach for the grungiest colours and textures....
Come over to the dark side of Halloween

Can you scare us?

Yes...I want darker creations....I want the horror of halloween....
What did I make?....To be honest I really didn't have a clue when I first set the challenge.

It wasn't until I was shopping in Czech Republic during the summer holiday that I found the perfect item. A vintage style hand held mirror for a dressing table. It was painted bright pink and was very cheap and 'plastic' looking...because it wasn't a gorgeous item to start off with I didn't feel too bad about covering it with layers and layers of paint!

Here is what I transformed it into...

My idea for this project came from the superstition 'Seven years bad luck when you break a mirror'....This superstition is perhaps one of the most believed (or feared). The origins of this superstition come from the belief, in many cultures, that the mirror reflected your soul - or it had the power to capture your soul...and a broken mirror would damage your soul. 

Did you know some of the 'remedies for a broken mirror? - Fascinating! 

  • Spin around three times in a counter-clockwise direction -  said to confuse the spirits and reverses the bad luck
  • Wash the pieces in a south flowing stream
  • Collect the pieces and bury them in the moonlight
  •  Pound the broken mirror into tiny pieces so that none of them can reflect anything ever again
  • Leave the broken pieces where they fell for seven hours and then pick it up immediately after the hours are up
  • Light seven white candles on the first night after breaking the mirror and blow them out at midnight in one breath
  •  Touch a tombstone with a broken piece of the mirror 
  •  Burn or blacken the mirror fragments and then bury them a year later
  •  Make the sign of the cross with a five-dollar note

So there was my idea - I wanted the mirror to have a reflection of a soul...and a horror one....

I began with covering the frame with black Gesso and then dabbing it with sand texture paste. When dry I painted it with Decoart Media Paynes Grey mixed with white acrylic paint. This was left to dry then a watered down coat of Paynes Grey was applied. This was followed by several layers of Quinacridone Gold, Burnt Umber and Phthalo blue/green mixed with white as a patina effect.

I just kept reapplying the layers of paint until the frame had the right kind of decayed rust effect....

When all this painting was done the frame was covered with Decoart Ultra Matt Varnish

I then dry brushed the mirror with a very light coat of black gesso to make it look tarnished and when dry I painted it with Decoart Ultra Matt Varnish to seal it.

I cut out a person from the Found Relatives cards and stamped a skull onto ivory mulberry paper. I stuck these images onto the mirror. 


I then wrapped the frame in brown cheesecloth

I added the words 'beware of the haunted soul' in chit chat stickers that had been edged with Walnut Stain DI

And there is my haunted mirror....Scary enough?
I might just hang this on my front door on the 31st!!! ;o)

Come over to Our Creative Corner and see what everyone else has made

...Do you dare....?!

Join in the challenge this month and you could be the randomly selected winner of the $20 prize voucher that is being donated by our Sponsor this month


You could be our winner and be invited to appear as our Top Talent. 
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Remember you gotta be in it to win it!

So come on over and bring your scary creations to Our Creative Corner!
 Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh my.... this IS SCARY Laura. Dear me. What a SUPER FINE piece for your ghoulish fun! Thanks bunches for sharing your steps. HAUNTING INSPIRATION!!! j.

  2. I would have been curious to see this pink plastic mirror before you gave it this terrific look!

  3. Laura, this mirror is deliciously haunted. Your decayed Rust effect is incredible. I did enjoy reading about the remedies for a broken mirror! I have broken a few in my accident not by the mirror cringing at my reflection - atleast I hope that it wasnt from that!

  4. Da hat wohl jemand zu lange in den Spiegel geschaut ;-) Awesome idea and texture!! Spooky greetings from Kerstin

  5. OOOOHHHHH--Soooo spooky, Laws!! I LOVE this altered hand mirror--it's spooky and creepy and just the right amount of horror to keep me up at night!! :) :) I can only imagine the horror factor of this hand mirror being bright pink to begin with!! :) LOL!! You've turned this into a beautifully macabre element--the sort that only the most proper of haunted dressing rooms should have!! Just FaBOOlous!! Happy October to you!! XOXO-Shari

  6. A Truly Horrific & Stunning piece !
    Thanks for sharing your process Laura, always inspiring!

  7. I absolutely love this mixed media piece! What a great idea. Your inspiration was clever. I am hoping to enter this contest. I have a great poem in mind for the inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ha ha ha Laura, could be me looking in the mirror! I love the ideas of how to avoid bad luck, lots of research there. The aging is fab on the mirror and the brown cheesecloth just adds a finishing touch.
    Hugs Jan x

  9. I love what you've done with the mirror Laura! The layers of paint have worked to perfection and he is one very creepy creep!! The fabric really finishes the image off well. I'm so glad you gave us the chance to go to the dark side. It's not something I normally do but I always want to have a go. I loved making the creepy project even if I perhaps went overboard on the 'creepy' part! L&H Julia xxx

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your mirror, Laura!

    Who would have guessed it started out bright pink!
    As usual the texture you have achieved and added help make your project feel like a true relic....maybe this is me looking back at me from the mirror? brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Claudia x

  11. This is fantastic! Such creativity! Now I need to find a cheap plastic mirror with good bones!

  12. Just horrific, Laura! I know I'm late to the party, but I've been meaning to get around to everyone's blog at OCC. I still may not get time, as Halloween is such a busy time for me, decorating our yard and such. But I wanted to get to see your mirror up close and see how you achieved that wonderful patina on the frame. DecoArt products, of course! This is just so cool, and I've been browsing your more recent makes as well. I am loving the patina you are achieving, but that looks totally unachievable for me. I had to let you know I've had this vintage broken mirror in my stash for a couple years. Last year I did a transfer on it, which didn't do well, so I just tossed it back in the crate. I've taken it out a couple times this season, but nothing's come to mind. I think you have finally inspired me to get that mirror back to work. Started another transfer, and if it takes, you just may see a different version of your beautiful mirror! Your's takes the Halloween Horror cake!!! Love it!


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