Thursday, 15 October 2015

The age of Gentlemen

Hi everyone,

 Over at Sandee and amelies Steampunk Challenges today there is the new challenge...

Top Hats and Moustaches

This is a tag that I thought would end up in the bin...

You know how it is - what seemed like a good idea suddenly goes downhill? Well I was too stubborn for that and after leaving it alone for a few days I decided I liked it to much to let it go. It might not have gone the way I intended it to go - but that doesn't mean it is wrong!

I started out with a cardboard tag - I wnated a window in it so I got a thick sheet of corrugated card and cut it to the same size of the tag and cut a window out. I then stuck it to the tag and covered it all with text paper (which got lost a bit in the layers of paint - never mind!)

 I began to dab lots of layers of paint...sorry but I have no idea what they were - becuase it got layer after layer and soon even I didn't kow what I was doing!

   Eventually it just ended up a weird green and I left it alone.....

  Some crackle glaze was applied followed by some white Antiquing cream that was wiped away with a damp cloth. 

 A few days later I came back and stamped the image of the gentlemen from a Paperartsy set using Jet Black Archival ink onto text paper. I cut it out and stuck it onot the tag.

 I stamped some cogs and gears and a script stamp

Classic Treasure Gold was snudged around the edges of the tag

Dictionary paper was added to the window and painted with lime green paint.

The quote that came with the stamp set was added to the window along with a stamped tape measure and cogs and gears

Brass embellishments were added

And there is my 'Top Hats and Moustaches' tag

Even if Steampunk isn't your usual style why not give it a go?
 You might just have a lot of fun doing it!
Remember we don't mind if it is just a hint of Steampunk you want to feature...
   Come and join us at Sandee and amelies Steampunk Challenge....
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh, I am so glad you saved this one from going to the bin, Laura,

    'cos I really love love LOVE every detail on it! A brilliant tag!


  2. Ohhh no way could this ever end up in the bin Laura.... my gracious me... it's FABULOUS. I know... and understand... seems like there is always a point when creating that there looks like it's heading the wrong way - but you did great. The colors are magnificent - just gorgeous. And it's just so intricate and perfect in every way. The texture, the metal, the placement, the richness - just totally INCREDIBLE. LOVE this. j.

  3. This tag is simply gorgeous, Laura!! I love the stamped gentlemen on the text paper and the chosen colours. The cut out window is adding such an interest! Wow!
    xxx Evelyn

  4. Laura-this is spectacular and such a wonderful, dare I say, happy turn of events for this tag? I am so glad you didn't toss it out because this design is awesome sauce! Love the end result and the color is fantabulous! That key sure caught my eye and all the details! Wowzers! ~Niki

  5. Laura, I am so glad you did not throw this out! It is gorgeous!! I thought it was 3-D, kind of like a monument to the gentlemen. Wonderful details from the stamping to the gears, words, oh, so much!


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