Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Hi everyone

     For Christmas my wonderful husband bought me a DSLR camera...I had studied photography (many many years ago!) and I was very used to using a SLR and a TLR (even using some large format cameras for architecture photos) and of course back in those days I was working in the darkroom...the dim red lights and the magic of a photo slowly appearing in a tray of chemicals - very happy memories of the good old days....

     Now it was time to move on with technology and my digital camera knowledge was at zero. I had used a "point and shoot/basic as it gets/can't fail" camera for the last ten years and my memory of apertures and shutter speeds and ISO had sadly faded....

      I wanted to get practicing again and to start enjoying photography again. So I decided to do one of the many 'photo-a-day' challenges you can find on the internet - I was too lazy to come up with subjects myself and I wanted the more interesting aspect of being 'challenged'!

     Sadly I didn't manage the whole month because, as usual, life gets in the way...but I managed some and I shared them on I would like to share them on my blog too...

Had to be the Christmas tree of course!

Well this subject could be taken in several ways - I chose to think of this title as being about New Years resolutions...and mine is to focus on the garden more...

My favourite dog in the world is my dog Deana....she loves posing!

After visiting the Natural History Museum I took a photo of the trees lit up with fairy lights

Two of the best smiles in the world - my wonderful children

Because we always are and we always will be....

 Pure joy - Peace and quiet, a favourite program (E.R), wonderful chocolate and perfect cup of tea

January dog walking is a messy business....

Is prettier....the trees look very bare, but make a very striking photo

My son making the shape of a heart for me

A daily walk through the woods always presents a scene worthy of a photograph

The camera pointed straight at the sun at 11am created this amazingly atmospheric photo

Easy is the word here! One of the easiest recipes in the world and also one of the yummiest!

This was 'PLAY' in several ways - My husband required goth makeup for a gig...I love doing makeup so it was a wonderful playtime and of course the photo has been totally PSP'd - so another fun play! And he was heading off to play the drums...

Ahhhh bliss - Sadly this isn't an everyday breakfast! This is a rare Sunday brunch treat but I couldn't resist taking a photo of it for this subject. I adore homemade pancakes and, not meaning to blow my own trumpet, I make the best homemade blueberry sauce in the world (according to my children!)

Our cat Mooey loves to sleep on her favourite sitting room chair. She spends most of the day there snoozing and will glare disapprovingly at anyone who dares to disturb her peaceful slumber

Hope you like them!

Love from Laura 

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  1. Love, love, love! Enjoy your new camera. Cannot wait to see where you go with it this year!

  2. Great pictures, the flower one is gorgeous.

  3. Wow, wow, wow Laura, amazing photos!!! Your photography is as stunning as your art, - I am in aw!!!

  4. Fabulous images - and so beautifully composed like your paper creations as well! I envy you the photography knowledge and skills- I have only ever had a point & shoot, and now use my iPhone, lol! Thank you for sharing - xx Lynn

  5. Such wonderful photos.....making me miss my old SLR one....hope you continue to share your playtime with us! Amazing! Ruth x

  6. Beautil photos :-))
    Hugs, Andreja

  7. Laura, what a wonderful array of photos you have shared! You are a natural and I look forward to viewing more from you! Your children are adorable and your hub- well he look pretty cool -all goth! heehee
    and for the world's easiest recipe- please do share- it looks yummy!! xo

  8. I Like Them!! Fab photos, Laura!! Enjoy that new camera!! :) XOXO-Shari


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