Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ideas Create Reality

     Hello everyone! Thanks for being here and I hope you like what I am writing about today...

       I have a few projects that I am currently working on - the beginnings of a Valentines tag/card, preparations for the Frilly and Funkie 'Spruce it up' challenge....but I was beginning to get stuck. You know the awful situation when ideas suddenly no longer flow and you don't know where to go next with it?

    So I did some blog reading! There are so many gorgeous items being made by so many mega talented has a couple of effects on me when I see these posts...I either feel like quitting because I can NEVER do what they do and might as well quit, or I suddenly see something that makes me think "That looks like fun - I want to try that"! Thankfully the second reaction happened and I decided to do my own version....

     I was wondering whether or not to link to original blog...I am so very grateful to this hugely talented artist for sharing her work...but my result is obviously totally different and I think it is no way near as good! Negative thoughts aside....I do think that it would be good for you all to see where the starting idea came from.....and see where my journey went.

    I was reading the blog post on Eclectic Paperie by Micki and was gobsmacked...jaw dropped....Oh I wish I could do that! I was reading it and thinking "I don't have any of these items anyway"......then the thought...."Well, that doesn't usually stop me!"

    My finished tag looks nothing like Micki's creation! but perhaps that is meant to be because then it wouldn't be my creation. I was doing what she was doing - which was getting lost in the moment playing, experimenting with seeing what would work, correcting what doesn't....and I had lots of fun doing it!

      Although I didn't have any of the materials Micki used I tried to at least follow the techniques she was explaining about. I wanted flowers first of all and don't own any stencils...but I do have the remains of the die-cut flowers so used this to create the flower shapes.

      The top flower was inked with Tumbled Glass DI and the bottom flower was inked with Worn Lipstick and Wild Honey DI's. I stamped over them with texture and flourish stamps in black archival ink, still with the die-cut edging in place.

    I did have a butterfly stencil (that I don't like very much as it has gaps). I used Seedless Preserves DI on this and drew around the butterfly in permanent pen to try and hide the gaps.

     I covered the flowers with the actual die-cuts to mask them and stamped over them with a flower background stamp in Forest Moss DI. I then kept the flower masks in place and carefully blended Peeled Paint DI around the flowers and butterfly, staying away from the left hand side but trying not to leave a harsh edge.

    I then drew around the flowers in pen...desperately trying NOT to be neat and tidy (believe me, that took a LOT of effort) I went for a scribbled effect and was quite surprised at how pleased I was with this effect.

    A bit of spritz and flick gave a nice splashed effect. Right now the whole thing was too bright, so I went over everything very lightly with Shaded Lilac DI which gavce a much more faded muted effect.
     I blended around the edges with black soot DI and stamped a grid stamp over the corners with black archival ink.

      I wanted a word in the corner but was too scared to write directly on the tag and possibly ruin it. So I got a permanent black pen and wrote the word 'Create' on tissue paper...when I was happy with the way I had written it (I won't say how many times I wrote it before I was happy with how it looked - like many people I don't like my own handwriting) I tore it out and glued it to the card with Matt Mod Podge.

     I then added in a few Tim Holtz butterfly stamps as well. 

     I stamped the words "Ideas Create Reality" in Black Soot on card coloured with Shaded Lilac DI and after cutting them out I edged them in more Black Soot DI 

    I added several recycled ribbons from previous tags - (I don't have any more ribbon left so I borrowed suitable colours from old tags)....

 So there it is....It is not my usual style but there are times I think I should be avoiding getting stuck in a 'style' and let myself explore the world of creativity. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't. I could stay safe and let my art and crafts become predictable in their style and character....or I can let my art and craft hobby be fun and above all about creating. 

Anyway,I'll leave you to decide whether this worked or not! I can tell you something though - It was so much fun! - and it certainly got me trying some new effects and experimenting was a good way to spark the creativity again!!!



                                          Thanks so much for being here!

     I am entering this tag into the following challenge -

Simon says stamp and show - What are you known for? - I am known for creating craft work when I don't own the materials needed by working out substitutes or similar techniques using other products.


  1. It's a gorgeous tag, love the spring feeling.

  2. I love your colours Laura - in fact I love the whole tag!

  3. Now you see Laura, I look at your tag and think "Wow, wish I could make something like that!" and so it goes around. I love all the colours and the techniques you've used and it encourages me to have a go at some of them so thank you so much for sharing your lovely art.

    1. Thanks so much Margie! I hope you do have a go at making your own - it really is fun. xxxxxx

  4. Fantastic explosion of colours - I love those ribbons!
    Alison x

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS, and agree with Margie. Wow, wish I could make something like that! It's normal to get lost part way through a project (I've got about ten on the go at the moment! no lie!) and then inspiration strikes, particularly when looking at the work of others. The cowardly thing to do is give up for fear of failure - you never do that. You push your own creative boundaries all the time and just look at the results. Your work is superb and blogland would be poorer for not having you around. Right, lecture over I'm off to see if Micki measures up to your standards. Hugs, Jenny x

    1. Consider me well and truly told....Huge hugs back atcha!!! xxxxx

  6. OMG, you're project is SOOOOOO much better!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I saw your comment on the eP blog and it made my day but your sweet email tonight (after a rotten day of work) just totally made my day, evening - week. I am so glad that I inspired you to try something using product you have. THAT's what it is all about. And you know, I thought to myself that I like your butterfly so much better because of the doodles. I can't even doodle, lo. You should be able to comment on my blog, will definitely check that out. Seriously, you are uber talented and don't ever worry about emailing me :-). Big cyber hugs!

  7. are fast becoming someone that I always look for when we have new challenges. Your work is so beautifully done! This tag is no exception. I love the random stamps in your background. Love the colors of your tag. I absolutely LOVE your flowers and how you've added your own doodling around them. That really sets them apart from the tag. And the same can be said for your larger butterfly. He just pops and it really is because of the random black outlines you've drawn around him. That looks fantastic! Isn't it funny how something so simple makes such a big impact? Love your design and your finished piece of art! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show. <3 Candy

  8. Amazing! I popped over from Micki's "place" to see what she got you into. TOTALLY impressed! That purple butterfly is so pretty ( do I "need" that DI color? )! Your spritz and flick then muting with Lilac really brings this tag all together beautifully. Well done and with scrounging up some ribbon, too. Love your resourcefulness. Thanks so much for sharing. nise

  9. Oh I LOVE this tag! The colours on the tag and ribbons are so pretty! Thanks so much for joining us at Simon Says Stamp and Show!


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