Thursday, 24 March 2016

Cup of Tea?

Hi everyone!

Still on Spring themed creations here and still wanting to use Tea bags....

I found a stash of Earl Grey tea bags I bought over a year ago at the back of the cupboard and as they no longer have any of that wonderful citrus aroma, I decided they would be best used doing some creativity....

So I brewed a pile of them, cut them up, left them to dry and got to work....

 I got a piece of card and stamped a dragonfly, a script stamp and some words on it in Jet Black Archival ink

Then I began to cover it with torn strips of tea bags

I love how the crimped edges of the bags add some wonderful texture

 I drew a daisy outline and some random leaf shapes. I painted the daisy with Decoart Media Translucent White and added a dab of Decoart Media Raw Umber paint near the center of the flower to add shadow. I painted the center of the flower with Decoart Media Primary Yellow and shaded some Decoart Media Pyrrole Orange at the base of the center adding some Decoart Media Burnt Umber dry bushed to add shadow and depth...I love how the texture of the tea bags add to the texture effect of the flower center,

I painted the leaves with Green Gold.

Then I drew around the outlines roughly with marker pen..leaving some leaves undefined as background

I then stamped a text stamp with Jet Black Archival ink and randomly dabbed over the painted images

I painted the dragonfly wings with a mix of Decoart Media Yellow Green Light, Cobalt Turquoise Hue and a dab of Quinacridone red. When dry I coated it with Decoart Media Interference paint in Turquoise which gives a stunning iridescent sheen.

I made the frame out of mountboard. I covered the mountboard with Raw Umber paint then covered it with Decoart Weathered wood. Once dry it was covered with Nougat Fresco paint which crackled perfectly.

I rubbed over the crackled paint with a piece of sandpaper and then dry brushed some Decoart Media Raw Umber paint around the edges of the frame

I glued the picture inside the frame using another piece of Mountboard at the back to secure it

I used two silver Ideology Hitch Fasteners and some twine

and there it is....a new hanger made from Tea Bags

 Thanks so much for being here!

Happy Crafting

Laura xxxx

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  1. Oh, yes! I love that texture the tea bags add to your wonderful project, Laura! It's beautiful!

    Claudia x

  2. YOU are so incredibly creative Laura. Those tea bags truly make SUPER texture! And I love dragonflies so much more than butterflies and love the DecoArt Interference on yours - he's gorgeous. So much great texture and depth to this project. But I am still just smiling in amazement at your wonderful used of the tea bags... so glad they lost their citrus aroma!!! Love your drawing and bringing to life of your beautiful flower too. Really fab creation. Xj.

  3. WoW, what a beautiful mixed media picture you made :-)) Fantastic details!
    Hugs, Andreja

  4. Oh this is pretty - and very Easter-y :-)

    All love and hugs

  5. What a great idea those tea bags! They just blend so well in the design you made for them. A lovely Spring!


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