Friday, 5 February 2016

Paperartsy Creations

Hi everyone!

      I am bursting with excitement here! 
Today I am featured over at Paperartsy!

 It is totally a dream come true...I am still pinching myself!

     A while ago I got an email from Darcy Wilkinson asking me if I would be interested in making some samples for her new stamp sets that are being released by Paperartsy - I didn't even need to see them or need any details to say yes! I was so thrilled to be asked. It is so wonderful to be asked to design some samples for such an important event as a stamp release.

     Darcy has designed amazing stamp sets that are so brilliant to use. I loved the stamps and had ideas popping into my head as soon as I saw them. I was thrilled that this was a time to really focus on the creativity of these stamps and showing what they can do - which is a way of thinking that I had never really done before - stamps were always images that are there to just be...stamped!

Now I was thinking "What can I do with this stamp?...what else can it be?" It added another fascinating dimension to creativity and I will certainly be bringing this into my work from now on...I LOVE thinking outside the box!....Thanks so much Darcy for totally encouraging me to forget rules!

All these new stamps are available to buy now from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer. 

     I had so much fun and I had some surprises along the way. The stamp set that I initially thought would be the most challenging to work with (purely because it wasn't 'me') actually became my favourite one. It certainly taught me that I should never jump to conclusions about a style or image....and that I should never think I am set in one style or way of creating. I think these beautiful  stamps have shown me that I am so much more than just some pastel flowers stuck on a wall hanging.

     Over at Paperartsy today you will see three of my samples. I was asked to pick my favourites but with stamps sets like this, that gave me so much scope to work with and such fun adaptable images, choosing a favourite creation made with them was nearly impossible! - In fact it was probably the most difficult thing of the whole job to choose the three! I loved all of them. ....

     Here is a sneak peek of some of the creations you will see.....

Would you like to see more? Check out this video....

I will be bringing you posts about each of the six creations featured here and how they were made during February. So if you see something you like over at Paperartsy (or in the 'sneak peek' pictures above) and you want more details, then stay tuned...there will be more info to come in the following posts.

        Hope you pop over to Paperartsy and see the wonderful creations everyone made with these gorgeous stamps!!!
           Thanks so much for being here and a HUGE thank you to Darcy and Leandra for the wonderful opportunity to appear at Paperartsy!

 Happy Crafting

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  1. simply gorgeous samples with Darcy's pretty, quirky stamps. Love them.

  2. I feel your excitement Laura. YEAH!!!! So fun and of course, there's no doubt you have gone above and beyond expectations. What a great video. Going over to take a look at Paperartsy too!! Hugs. j.

  3. Oh oh oh.... had to come back again and tell you how I loved your LUSCIOUS creations on Paperartsy Laura. YOU really DID go over and above... wow. My favorite was the one with the clouds... you used that set so creatively. But everything you did was so bright and professional looking. Soooo proud for you. SUPER SUPER FINE art work in every way. j.

  4. Thankyou so much Laura, it was a pleasure to have you onboard to play. Xxx

  5. Well done Laura! Your designs to showcase Darcy's gorgeous new stamps are a triumph!

    Lesley Xx

  6. So excited for you and what an amazing lineup you created! Awesome sauce! The video is inspiring and looks fun! Thanks for the inspo! ~Niki

  7. Look at you go, Laws!! Congrats on this feature of your creations over at PaperArtsy with these fabulous new stamps--How Fun!! :) :) XOXO-Shari

  8. Sooo excited for you, Laura!
    Darcy's designs are lovely and you really took her stamps to the top!!! Wow!

    Claudia xxx


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