Thursday, 23 April 2015

In The Frame

Hi everyone!

 I am here today with...wait for it.....Another frame (what a shock!).....I love making them!

 I was inspired to do this after watching a video by Andy Skinner....I must admit I don't watch many instructional videos - mainly because they leave me wanting things that I can't afford!!!

 This one caught my eye and I thought I would give it a go.....

And of course, after watching the video I decided I really had to give this technique a try...but the only thing I had was the white antiquing cream - not much good on it's own.

I did have a Decoart Matt Varnish (not as good as the Ultra Matte - which is the BEST!) and I thought I can use approximately the same colours of other paints.....

...........but I really really really HAD to have the stamps - You see!....This is why I don't watch videos!!!....

So of course an order went out for the stamps...and when they arrived I got started...

I am not going to explain how I made the heart - I followed the video instructions and you should too! ;o)

I made a frame (of course) and painted it with Gold Decoart Media Fluid Acrylic and then covered it with crackle glaze. This was then covered with Raw Umber Antiquing Cream which was wiped away to reveal dark cracks

The background was embossed card that was dabbed with Evergreen Bough Distress Paint and then covered with Vintage Photo DI. It was then dry brushed with Raw Umber Decoart Media Fluid Acrylic paint and then rubbed with some Classic Gold Treasure gold.

A key and a cog were treated with some faux rust - first I dabbed on some Evergreen Bough DP then brushed on some Quinacridone Gold acrylic paint.
This was followed by some Picket Fence DP before applying a second coat of Quinacridone Gold.

 Then I added a very light sprinkle of Vintage Photo Distress Embossing powder.

I added some Artistic Outpost stamps to the heart and a quote as well...  

And here is the finished frame.....

Hope you like it! Thanks so much for being here!

Happy Crafting
Laura xxx

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  1. ...and I never grow tired of your lovely frames, Laura! Keep doing them. Pleeeeeze! ;)

    I love all the details you have added and how you have painted your rusty goodness! Absolutely stunning and beautiful!

    Claudia xxxx

  2. Ooh what a scrummy frame piece of Art Laura. I love all the texture you have created as well as the ageing. Fab! X

  3. BEAUTIFUL Laura, i am going to follow Andy's video and paint an IKEA set of drawers or my ink pad holder. He really is inspirational isn't he and i do love the DecoArt paints :-) xxx

  4. Completely Lovely, Laura!! I just love your framed creations!! :) And I completely know what you mean about not watching videos--then I just want stuff, too!! :) I'm getting myself familiar with Andy Skinner (I just got some DecoArt goodies, Andy Skinner stamps & Stencils)(yes, we need/buy stuff when we watch videos) and can't wait to try out his techniques, too! I even got myself some foam board to start working with :) Oh, I think I feel my mojo returning now!! Thanks, Laura!! XOXO-Shari

  5. Stunning crackle, fabulous frame...just love this creation! Ruth x


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