Sunday, 15 March 2015

Gear it up

Hello everyone!

Over at Sandee and amelie's steampunk challenge the challenge this month is -

Gear it up!
 Stamped, embossed, drawn, painted, real, die cut, chipboard, stencilled,....well, gears of any sort you can think of are what we want to see with any projects you can think of - and not only two or three added in a corner here and there for further embellishment! Gears should be one of the main parts of your creations

I didn't really know what direction to go in with this - it is pretty simple isn't it? Just add Gears - to anything...

But sometimes being given a free choice to go wherever you choose can be trickier than a very direct challenge. In the end I decided it would be more fun to sit and play - see what develops and go from there...

So I got a piece of card and I grabbed a gears stencil  (get the challenge requirement in right at the start!) I dabbed over the gears stencil with Picket Fence DP.

When this was dry I blended Frayed Burlap and Pumice Stone DI over the card.

Then I began to use some stamps from the Industrial Backgrounds Artistic Outpost set over the card using Pumice Stone and Frayed Burlap DI.

I then used Coffee Archival ink on other stamps from the set - this time choosing the gears and a mechanical blueprint stamp.

A script stamp from Artistic Outpost French Flight set.

My favourite script stamp was stamped with Potting Soil Archival ink

So now the background was done....where to go with it now?

It was beginning to look very mechanical (of course!) and with the faded sepia look it was needing to be vintage...I was looking for a modern twist too....I was also now bringing in clocks as well as gears....finding a clock face in my metal collection and a clock sticker in the Salvage Stickers I seemed to be looking at a Time Travel creation.....

Suddenly I remembered that I hadn't used any of the Found Relatives cards that I had been given at Christmas. Hunting through them I found the perfect photo. After cutting around the person and colouring the cut white edges with Frayed Burlap DI I stuck him onto the card....

    Now all that was needed was the collection of gears.....

  .....and a few metal corners....

..... and a final addition...the words from the chit chat stickers - "Voyage through time" stuck onto the clock and outlined with Pumice Stone Distress marker...

     Please come over and see what the rest of the team have made to inspire you!
       Hope you will come along and join in the fun!
Happy Crafting
Laura xxx

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  1. LOVE love love your background, Laura!

    And the guy from the found relatives stack is one of my favourites! A beautiful steampunk piece - full of wonderful detail and very delicate!

    Claudia xxx

  2. Love all your gears! The idea's to build up of the background & the lovely results. it is lovely when it just develops in front of you and the ideas just flow lovely piece. Dee x

  3. Fabulous piece Laura! I love how you used the Picket Fence with the stencil, what a wonderful subtle pattern you achieved doing this! LOVE those industrial stamps, putting that set on my wish list for sure! Happy Sunday, hugs :)

  4. Love your time traveler! Great cluster of gears and clocks. Love your take on the theme!

  5. Laura, your blog layout is awesome and I love your header!!! How do you do that? Now your art piece-this LO looks effortless and flawless. What a wonderful gear design and so scrumptious to look at! Every time I see it, I notice something new. Awesome piece! Hugz! ~Niki

  6. If there is something for sure I missed during my sabbatical it would be your Blog! So ful of inspriation and endless awesome Project. WOW! I am just speachless :-)
    xoxo yours SanDee1899

  7. When you sit and let yourself unfold into a project then it comes alive as it has been created in the moment... Love how your ArT unfolded and became so beautiful. Loving the colours and the subtle background imagery. Truly lovely :-) xxx

  8. Absolutely Brilliant! I love your piece Laura! xo

  9. Fabulous card, Laura! That Found Relative just sets the gears right off with his faded, vintagey appearance amongst all of the gears and cogs!! Great make!! XOXO-Shari


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