Friday, 13 December 2013

Patchwork Tree

This is the second of three Christmas trees I will be showing here at Laurart. I seem to be focused on trees this year!!...I don't know where it started - too much looking at Pinterest I suppose!

     This is perhaps my least favourite of the three...and in fact I had considered not featuring it because it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. But after a while I began to think that it is nice enough in a simple shabby kind of way....and anyway who am I to judge? 

    Very short post here - this was so simple to make! This one was made using a polystyrene cone (this was also used to make the third tree!) I cut out triangles of festive coloured material - I didn't bother to sew the edges as I didn't mind a bit of fraying happening - just adds to the shabby look! Of course they could be sewn or folded to make neater edges.

     I attached the triangles of material to the cone with pins, overlapping them and making sure the pins were hidden.

   A piece of lace covered the top of the tree and I added a wooden deoration and a ribbon.

    A very simple creation that would look lovely as a table decoration

        Hope you have liked the trees I have made....hope you will come back to see the third final tree in my Tree Trilogy!


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  1. Wou,, what a beautiful tree you made!
    I like very much your design :-))
    Hugs, Andreja

  2. I like the fabric choice on this one, it's beautiful
    Rosie x

  3. Well, I think it's adorable. It would be a lovely table decoration, a simple but effective idea. Julie Ann xx


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