Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas arrives early

Insomnia strikes so another post it will be........

    I adore my sister-in-law's blog and if you haven't seen it then "Where have you been?"!!!
Get yourself over to Words and pictures - You'll love it!

   Anyway, as I was saying.....I adore her blog and I eagerly await the new posts, though sometimes I have had a sneek peek at the new works of art before they arrive on the blog, I still enjoy reading about them (she is a far, far better writer than me!)

     She has been doing Christmas tags as part of the 12 tags of Christmas challenge although so far she has not actually done a Christmas tag....she has followed the task but there isn't a snowflake or sleighbell in sight....Her restraint is remarkable because I could never do that....I want it to be Christmas now!

       So today I sat down and made some tags. I am not following Funkie Junkie and doing the tags on the site. I am doing my own and perhaps they are slightly inspired by the ones on the site (though no way as good) and I have enjoyed making them....and I didn't have to go shopping first. All the paper, chalks, brads, embellishments were all items I already had crammed into the art cupboard. It was so nice to have a Christmassy moment.....without the stress of actual Christmas.

     First choice was the obvious red/green which I adore. Just a card tag, eyelet, two metal attachments, some ribbon and string and various Christmas papers


          I enjoyed making that so much that I decided to make two more.......but I didn't like the second two as much as the first....they used the same craft materials - leftover paper, ribbons, brads, eyelets, chalks, cardstock and metal attachments....I think red and green are my favourite Christmas colours!


       For something very different I went with brown and blue (which will please some people I know ;o)


And no, I can't read or write music.....I just scrawled something I hoped looked a bit like music....

This last one - it didn't end up being how I saw it in my mind. I really wanted to capture a Victorian look and it went wrong somewhere - perhaps the peg? I might go back and work on it at some point. I think maybe
some lace or ribbons.  For now it is ok, but nothing special.



So there are my three tags of Christmas....perhaps I will get the other 9 done in time to hang them up for Christmas. It might be fun to get my kids to have a go making their own tag for Christmas....I know what will happen....Anya's will be bright Barbie pink and covered in glitter, sequins and hearts and Jakob's?.........well,........ I am sure we can make Scooby Doo look Christmassy?.......I think?!!!!

I would like to enter the blue tag in the following challenge  -

Created with love challenge  - Christmas (No red or green)
Crazy 4 challenges - Favourite Christmas Carols (C4C162)

I would like to enter the red/green tag in the following challenge  -

Crafts and me challenges - Challenge #108 Reds


  1. I see... I think you have to be visiting the post itself, rather than on the main page where you see all the posts, and then you can comment.

    I love these - the blue and brown obviously pleases me greatly, but I can see that the red and green was the one your heart was really in!

    As for the third one, I'd say it's the start of something really lovely, and agree that you should let it sit and percolate for a while, then you'll suddenly know what it needs. As I quoted from the film: "Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not yet alright, it is not yet the end."
    Alison xx

  2. Unlike butterfly I think it's quite legitimate to start making Christmas things now as long as one doesn't distribute them yet.

    Otherwise how would we all get those wonderful presents ;-)

  3. the Blue tag is fantastic and thanks for playing along with us at Created with Love Challenges but I have to say I like the red one better, :)
    Linda K.

  4. Great tags. Thanks for taking part in our challenge at Created With Love Challenges



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