Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Paperartsy Revisited

Hi everyone!

Remember back in February when I appeared at Paperartsy working with Darcy's new stamps sets?

Well, I am back there today - using one of the stamp sets again! 

This time there is no colour scheme and I am focusing on a subject instead -


I don't least I don't doodle as part of my craft work. I might do the odd doodle on a shopping list occasionally when really bored, but I didn't think I was much of a doodler. Turns out, once I became aware of it, I doodle more often than I thought! I decided to look up meanings of doodles, and it appears that my subconscious need to draw swirls over and over again indicates that I am..... imaginative, good natured and protective worrier. The repetitive smooth shapes indicate a person who is patient, willing to persevere and is methodical with a developed ability to concentrate.

So what do your doodles say about you?

Come over to Paperartsy for some doodling inspiration! 

I loved making my 'Doodling' creation - here is a sneak peek for you....

 If you want to see how it was made then hop over to Paperartsy right now 
to see the step-by-step I did!

Hope you like it!

Happy Crafting

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  1. Fabulous project, great doodling with luscious texture fitting perfectly with Darcy's stamps. Ruth x


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