Sunday 20 September 2015

Adventures In Rust

Hi everyone! 

 Bit of a different post today as I am here to show you some unfinished pieces...

I was having a bit of an experimenting play with rust effects. I love using Andy Skinner's technique that he features here. I was having a play with the rust technique when I decided to use a different colour. Then I wondered what would happen if I used other colours rather than sticking to the Paynes Grey/Quincacridone Gold combo...

     So I set up some simple frames (as always!)...They were cut from cardboard - some had embossed card on them and some didn't...I added some rivets and beading with Decoart Liquid Glass.

 I then followed Andy's technique and covered them with sand texture paste. When that was dry I gave all of them a coat of Decoart Media Paynes Grey mixed with white acrylic paint

...then each got given different paint colors...
....lets see the difference...

So here was the first one I was working on....

      This one was intended for a collage background - When the time came to add colour I decided to add Decoart Media Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide acrylic paint with Quinacridone Gold...I loved the effect, so that was when I decided to try out other colours...and see what they do to the rust effect. This has extra Paynes Grey added to the corners for shading and is dry brushed with Decoart Media Burnt Umber acrylic paint.

Here was the second one...a frame made with embossed card and liquid glass to add rivets and beaded edge...

After the Paynes Grey/white acrylic paint had dried I added a wash of diluted Decoart Media Titan Buff - painted quite roughly - I intended to leave some patches of grey showing. This was followed by dry brushed streaks of Quinacridone Gold and some shading with Paynes Grey and Burnt Umber

For the next frame I covered it with embossed card and after the Paynes grey/white acrylic coat was dry I covered it with a wash of Decoart Media Cobalt Turquoise Hue. This was then painted with Quinacridone Gold - concentrated more on the patches of texture paste and dry brushed everywhere else. The edges were shaded with Paynes Grey

This frame was cut from card and has Liquid glass applied to the corners. This frame was made according to the directions in Andy's video and was given a Paynes Grey wash after the coat of Paynes grey/white acrylic paint. This is how I usually do rust and I just wanted to see a direct comparison...still fun to do though!..and a brilliant rust effect!

This was cut from embossed card and again had the liquid glass as rivet effects. After the Paynes Grey/white paint was applied this frame got a wash of  Decoart Media Raw Umber acrylic paint. This was followed by Quinacridone gold and Paynes Grey for shading with some additional Burnt Umber dry brushing....

And there are the frames - not quite finished...I realised as I was photographing them that I hadn't yet added a coat of Ultra matte Varnish...never mind! I'll do it later...

They are so easy to do and so much fun - I had a great time working on this - especially as I am a little mojoless at the moment - So just working on these without a plan in mind for a project was so much fun...and now I have five projects to go on with....

Hope you liked these frames (and background!)...These will be featured on here throughout October...Come back soon to find out what the finished results look like!

Thanks for being here!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Absolutely fantastic frames. Love them all! Karen.x

  2. Brilliant, Laura :o) A feast for the eyes.

  3. Wow! Fabulous. Thank you for sharing the stunning results of your experiments!

  4. Rusted lovliness and something that I really must try Laura. I particularly like the verdigris version.

  5. Your experiments are amazeballs! What a wonderful road you took an adventure on! So many different combinations and each result is breathtaking! I was on the fence about the Liquid Glass but now it is on my wish list. Thank you for sharing the process and your genius mind! Hehe! Awesome sauce on so many levels. ~Niki

  6. This is absolutely fantastic, Laura!
    May I say that you definitely have outdone yourself and more than just mastered this technique! Your rust looks soooo grungy and worn and fantastic! Best rust I have ever seen painted on the internet!!!! Not kidding! I am totally gobsmacked! Wow, wow, wow!

    Claudia xxx

  7. So freakin cool! Thank you for sharing! Can't wait to go have a play with rust now, myself.

  8. Ok - ya got me Laura... I'm stunned. Awed. Intrigued. Fascinated. This is antiquated genius at it's best. What a treat this was to see and to read about... you superseded all expectations here - fabulous. jj.

  9. rusty and beautiful! Great textures with the sand texture paste and the colors are so authentic. Loved the way you have used the liquid glass! Thanks for sharing the process.

  10. These are so cool. I am thinking it would be cool to do this to actual picture frames. How awesome for using to frame old car or train paintings. Could be cool for old beat up frames to give new life. I bet glueing embossed paper and using effemera on and then paint/rust texture will Give the mechanical look. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Outstanding rusting Laura! truly gorgeous!

  12. Absolutely fantastic results! Gill x

  13. Holy Moly, Laws!! I LOVE THESE frames!! These look like old, rusty, vintagey pieces for sure!! Amazing rusting techniques through and through! And here's what I sounded like when I read you used liquid glass as the rivets---AAAAHHHHH SOOOO COOOOLLLLL!!!!! :) :) Now, I can't wait to see what you use these frames and that background piece for!! :) :) XOXO-Shari

  14. Really fantastic and brilliant Laura, I must try this nessarily!!!

  15. I'm speechless! Except to say I love your technique!

  16. Love these! My friend sent me a link to your blog and so glad she did. I love rust techniques and you have stretched me with your ideas for using colour. Thank you.


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